pointing [sketch].

apart hand small

we were on the way back from a trip to the national portrait gallery, and i whipped up this quick sketch of my left hand. it was kind of difficult because the coach wasn’t exactly the smoothest of rides + i wasn’t really sure what i was drawing.

this turned out nicely though, despite the wobbly lines + somewhat crappy photograph ! i used my grey tombow pen [still one of my favourites ;v;].

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recent digital work 09/15.

recent art sep 15
[characters belong to imakocoa, antelopeshortbread + sleepIess respectively.]

i’ve spent the last few days catching up with art that i owe people, and managed to get these done ! i’m very happy with them [especially the one on the right] and i’ve noticed that i can produce these much faster than previous pieces in a similar style.

this is probably to do with the fact that i now sketch out the image with a pencil + paper, scan it in and then start drawing the lineart – i used to do everything on the computer, which i find is much more difficult.

and also how i’ve only just realised that there is a smooth stroke option on gimp, which makes life so much easier. *mini facepalm*
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august wishlist + favs.

wishlist aug

no face plush. i saw this huge plushie in london but i don’t know what the shop is !! so i found a similar one online [probably not the best price].

cute plasters. these little plasters are adorable !! i would wear them all the time.

pencil socks. as you know, i love socks in general + these ones look irresistible *v*

galaxy backpack. space themed items are always awesome – i really like the design on this bag !!

F A V S.
we went to shoreditch a few weeks ago + had some delicious food there. i especially loved the korean-mexican fusion food and the mouth-watering doughnuts at boxpark !! we also went to camden + there was a cool pastel goth style shop and of course, cyberdog [definitely worth going to just for the experience].
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summer dress sketches.

dump style2 small

tried out a different style on coloured paper today; i think it went quite well. i used a black ink pen, my faber-castell brush pen + a white gel pen for these ! my anatomy needs a lot of improvement but it’s much better than it was a few months ago.

my favourite out of the ones pictured is the yellow one, which one is yours ?

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house move printable.

2015-08-11 we've moved house finished SMALL
we've moved blank front and back SMALL

we’ve recently moved house + i decided to make a postcard-style illustration to send to relatives and friends that we don’t see often.
somewhat inspired by steven universe, gravity falls, up + animal crossing, it looks super awesome when printed double-sided !

personal use only, please. do tell me if you use this *v*
download here [a6 front] [a6 back] [a5 front+back]
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july wishlist + favs.

possibly, just maybe, egg themed.

egg shorts. these awesome shorts would be great to lounge about in and wear whilst eating eggs !

egg sweater. i would definitely wear this ! especially when cooking eggs, for added effect.

egg phone case. saw this adorable case in h+m in the sale section – now all i need is the phone to match it.

gudetama. i particularly love the fried egg version + all of the merchandise is adorable !!

F A V S.
i’ve definitely fallen in love with gouache paints this past month – and i’ve only used a handful of colours ! the ones i use are rose tyrien, indigo, cyprus green, orange lake deep, olive green + peacock blue from the winsor + newton range (plus black + white).
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handmade card.

thank you card small

when i was asked to make a thank you card, i was really happy as i had this idea for one for ages. it turned out looking beautiful (sorry for the bad quality photo) and i was so glad that i chose to use gouache paints rather than my pens.

the blue swirls (my attempt at a henna-style design haha) continued on the inside of the card around the message, but the lighting was awful so i didn’t photograph it.

hope you’re having a great summer so far !!
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gouache portraits.

portrait 2

portrait 1

after discovering the beautiful art of agnes cecile (aka silvia pelissero), i was inspired to give painting another chance and produced these two portraits.

i found that i preferred gouache paints greatly over watercolours and acrylics, despite madly avoiding them merely a few months ago, and i am genuinely pleased with these pieces. i also used my white gel pen to make the portraits pop !
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june wishlist + favs.

june wishlist

alpacasso plushies. it’s so fluffy i’m gonna die ! i recently purchased one at comic con, but i desperately need more. or all of them.

skeleton tights. as you may have already guessed, i am a huge lover of cute tights and socks, these being no exception.

grey brush pens. i have one grey tombow pen and i use it a lot – just seeing a multipack of them makes me want to write everything in grey !

succulent plants. they’re all so cute ! i would do so many plant pot diys and probably forget to take care of them.

F A V S.
i went to comic con last month, and i am obsessed with the weird pocky flavours and the lovely artist’s prints that i purchased !
also popped into a shop in camden and bought yet another black pen, this time by kuretake, which has a beautiful brush pen tip and is wonderful to draw and write with.
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aladdin fanart.


i did a quick sketch of aladdin from magi, as i’ve recently finished watching the anime and i love it. i’m planning to start devouring the manga too.

so this is to say good luck to everyone doing their exams, no matter how big or small they are ! you can definitely do it – stay rad c:
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