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egg stamps.


i really like fried eggs, so i decided to quickly carve an egg stamp in the morning ! this was partly for inktober, but i’m really behind on that so it doesn’t really matter.
it’s a bit messy but i like how it has turned out. [photo features my lovely armchair ;v;]

2015-04-27 TINY new logo scan

september favs.

so it was my birthday this month + i received many wonderful gifts and had loads of fun !
i received several whale-themed gifts from paperchase [people know me far too well haha].

i also got some big bang posters, a lot of chocolate + lots of pens, including the multipack i’ve been yearning for since before june. thank you to everyone who made my day ! ♥

2015-04-27 TINY new logo scan

j-con 2015.


went to j-con in derby this week ! bought a load of goodies, including a gudetama plushie [my favourite thing] + stuff from cjoints . i can’t remember who drew the steven universe prints but those were breathtaking !

the experience was very enjoyable + i met loads of crazy nice people. this year i cosplayed as john egbert from homestuck [i made the warhammer too !] and received lots of lovely comments ;v;

2015-04-27 TINY new logo scan

pointing [sketch].

apart hand small

we were on the way back from a trip to the national portrait gallery, and i whipped up this quick sketch of my left hand. it was kind of difficult because the coach wasn’t exactly the smoothest of rides + i wasn’t really sure what i was drawing.

this turned out nicely though, despite the wobbly lines + somewhat crappy photograph ! i used my grey tombow pen [still one of my favourites ;v;].

2015-04-27 TINY new logo scan

recent digital work 09/15.

recent art sep 15
[characters belong to imakocoa, antelopeshortbread + sleepIess respectively.]

i’ve spent the last few days catching up with art that i owe people, and managed to get these done ! i’m very happy with them [especially the one on the right] and i’ve noticed that i can produce these much faster than previous pieces in a similar style.

this is probably to do with the fact that i now sketch out the image with a pencil + paper, scan it in and then start drawing the lineart – i used to do everything on the computer, which i find is much more difficult.

and also how i’ve only just realised that there is a smooth stroke option on gimp, which makes life so much easier. *mini facepalm*
2015-04-27 TINY new logo scan

august wishlist + favs.

wishlist aug

no face plush. i saw this huge plushie in london but i don’t know what the shop is !! so i found a similar one online [probably not the best price].

cute plasters. these little plasters are adorable !! i would wear them all the time.

pencil socks. as you know, i love socks in general + these ones look irresistible *v*

galaxy backpack. space themed items are always awesome – i really like the design on this bag !!

F A V S.
we went to shoreditch a few weeks ago + had some delicious food there. i especially loved the korean-mexican fusion food and the mouth-watering doughnuts at boxpark !! we also went to camden + there was a cool pastel goth style shop and of course, cyberdog [definitely worth going to just for the experience].
2015-04-27 TINY new logo scan